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I can feel the tune, it's comin' in soon
As I dance around the room
I can feel the music in my soul
You don't believe me? That's your call
It may be true, I look the fool
'Cuz I never learned to play it cool
But you'll only see what you wanna see
That's pretty clear, this ends now and here

Either way...

And if I’m not good enough
If who I am is not gonna satisfy you now
I don’t know who you thought I was
but I…
I’ve never been much of a dancer

you say love’s a game you gotta win to play
but you gotta play to win what sense does that make
and i don’t wanna play some stupid game
if that’s all it means i don’t want a piece
but i can’t say that i won’t play
cuz you’ll just say i’m scared of the game
so come on i’ll take you on
you think i’m done i’ll prove you wrong
either way

And if this ain't good enough
If what you see’s not gonna satisfy you now
Then we better call it off
cuz I…
I’ve never been much of a dancer
I’ve never been much of a dancer
I’ve never been much of a dancer


from And Everything Was Perfect, released September 19, 2014
music & lyrics by Loren Radis


all rights reserved



Loren Radis San Luis Obispo, California

Loren Radis is 30-ish and married his best friend in 2010. He's thankful to have the opportunity to make music in his spare time. It's something he's always been passionate about and he tries to be as honest as possible in his songwriting. He hopes you hear something you like and thanks you for listening.

"a gifted and engaging songwriter" - Glen Starkey

bio photo by Richard Fusillo
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